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Planning your Wedding Photography First Look

You may have heard of the phrase “first look” and are unsure of what this is. Simply put, a first look is a private reveal of the couple to each other before the ceremony which is captured by the wedding photographer. When you book me for your wedding day, I’ll be there alongside you in planning your wedding photography first look. This way, we can plan for the best results possible!

Why are first looks popular for wedding photography

Organising a first look is super easy. Once you’ve chosen a place that is special to you then I’ll chat to you both about the light available at the chosen location, the timing and just general logistics of how it will work on the day.

A first look is a great way to enjoy a private moment together without an audience. It also means that you’ll get all of your photos out of the way before the ceremony and be able to spend more time with your guests post ceremony. You’ll be able to enjoy cocktail hour and those tasty canapes!

First look with Bride and Groom

Should you do a first look?

Choosing to do a first look is a personal decision and here are some benefits:

  1. It’s great if you’re feeling a bit nervous and want to arrive at the venue together before the ceremony.
  2. It takes the pressure off the small window of time that you would usually have between the ceremony and reception.
  3. You’ll have more time with your family and friends during cocktail hour, plus you get to eat all of the yummy canapés.
  4. Added flexibility if the weather conditions are not ideal, for example you might be getting married during winter and there would be less light after your ceremony.
  5. Helps to make you feel more calm before and during your wedding.

You could also consider doing wedding photography of your first look with someone other than your partner. Set up a reveal in front of your wedding party or capture the first time your parent sees you. These first looks can often be just as raw and emotional as they look between couples.

First look wedding photography with Bride and Groom
First look wedding photography with Bride and Groom

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