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Planning the Perfect Secret Proposal Photoshoot

Planning a secret proposal photoshoot is a beautiful way to capture fleeting moments of happy tears, surprise, laughter and kisses. It might seem overwhelming when you begin planning it but it’s actually easier than you might think. Discover helpful tips for planning your perfect secret proposal photoshoot and start creating unforgettable memories today.

carry your heart photography engagement shoot
couple holding engagement ring carry your heart photography

Choose the Photoshoot Location

There are two ways in which you can plan for your shoot to happen. Your photographer can hide to capture the moment, or you can surprise your partner with the proposal mid-session. Pick somewhere that has sentimental value so that your photos are personal and meaningful.

engagement photoshoot
secret proposal photoshoot carry your heart photography

Timing your Secret Proposal Photoshoot

Timing is important, not only for considering light when photographing your surprise engagement but when considering privacy and crowds. The best light is within the first 2 hours after sunrise and the first 2 hours before sunset. These times are ideal because the light is soft and more flattering. By shooting at these times, you avoid having harsh shadows on your face which typically happen when shooting at midday. Planning for your photoshoot to happen later in the day is the more popular option.

Plan for crowds by visiting the location beforehand at the same time. Scout together to find the best standing position for the proposal. For the perfect photo, position yourselves with one shoulder facing the camera and the other towards the backdrop, capturing both the location and emotion.

engaged couple photoshoot

Enjoy the Moment

Without breaking out into an Eminem song about sweaty palms and Mum’s spaghetti, we all know you’re going to be nervous and feel like you might have a heart attack but as that moment approaches, enjoy it! Don’t rush it and don’t forget to breath. Whether your speech is long or short, stay down on your knee for as long as possible because this will allow me to capture a variety of photos in this iconic pose as well as the beautiful candid reactions of your partner’s surprise.

I hope these tips have helped you feel more prepared. When you book your proposal shoot, I will be there alongside you to help with any of your questions when planning your surprise engagement photoshoot. There is nothing more beautiful than capturing this intimate, raw and authentic moment forever.

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