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Mastering Getting Ready Wedding Photography: Essential Tips and Advice

Capturing every little moment of a couple’s day is one of the things I really love about wedding photography and planning for your getting ready photos is the perfect way to make sure your photographs will last a lifetime. As a wedding photographer, I want your experience to be fun and relaxed so with my getting ready wedding photography advice, you’ll achieve just that!

bride with bridesmaids on wedding day for getting ready wedding photographs

Pick a Location with Natural Light for your Getting Ready Photography

The ideal getting ready space on your wedding day would be spacious, full of natural light and tidy. Keep in mind that whilst this can be a beautiful part of the day, it can also be very chaotic! Make sure you ask your friends and family to clear the room of their belongings, rubbish and food. This makes it free of clutter which is the key to getting elegant photos. When booking a hotel or Airbnb for this part of the day, look at whether it has lots of natural light and whether you are happy to have those decorations in your getting ready wedding photographs.

bride getting ready wedding photographs

Wedding Details on your Wedding Day

If you want pictures of your bridal shoes, jewelry, bridesmaids dresses, rings, or anything else, then make sure to have them ready for photos, this means no packaging or tags. This is the same for the groom. Items such as the cufflinks, ties, suit, jackets and anything else important should be ready for photos and all placed in one location.

engagement ring on flowers on wedding day for getting ready photographs

It’s Time for The Dress

With regards to putting on the dress, some people are more timid than others and I’ll only photograph when you are ready for me to. It’s important to be in your dress 30-15 minutes before I leave so that I have time to take some portraits. It’s also better for photos if you have your bridesmaids get into their dresses well ahead of you, that way they can help you and they will look good in the photos too.  

Bonus tip: Organise matching dressing gowns or a special outfit for when you are getting your hair and makeup done. It’ll make your photographs even more beautiful!

Follow my tips on how to get better prep photos at your wedding and your album is sure to be full of amazing memories from prep all the way through to the last dance.

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