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Family Wedding Photography Advice for your Wedding Day

Instead of dreading those family photos, use my photography advice for wedding family photos to ensure a stress free experience. Wedding family photos are the only part of the day where I’ll give more formal directions. With my photography advice for your wedding family photos, I can promise you that we’ll avoid this unnecessary stress!

The most important task is to organize a photo helper. This could be someone from your wedding party or a family member but they need to be bossy. The role of the helpers will be to make sure everyone is ready when called upon for your family photos.

Photography Advice for Wedding Family Photos

Family Photography List for your Wedding Day

Your photo list is going to make sure we know who is needed and when. You can have as many combinations but keep in mind that the more you have, the longer photos will take. Keep those friends group photos for the reception to save on time!

Twenty minutes for family photos is best, so be selective about the photographs that you need. I have a recommended list for family photos that I’ll send you before the wedding. The list is only a guide and can be edited to suit your family situation and remember to add names!

Family portrait on wedding day

Lighting & Location During your Family Photos

Lighting is so important when it comes to large groups in photos. It’s best pick a location that is close to the ceremony so that your older guests won’t have to move far. Location depends on the light but on a bright sunny day, a large shady area with a background of lush greenery will be perfect. Not only will those greens pop with colour and contrast beautifully with your dress but you won’t be squinting at the sun. On a cloudy day, our options are limitless so as long as it’s close by and looks photogenic then it will be perfect for your photos.

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